Dental Clinic

Weekly Dental ClinicsWe are very fortunate to have a dentist and her assistant volunteering their professional services one morning a week, for free. An early donation permitted the purchase of very simple dental equipment serving as a make-shift mobile clinic. But these children’s teeth are in dreadful condition! The cost of materials and supplies alone for a complete treatment reach P9,000 to P10,000 (US$ 200) per child on the average. But oh the change in a youth’s countenance, smiling unashamedly! To help more make the world a more beautiful place, one smile at a time, please click here.

Doing it alone?

Hopefully not for long. Our volunteer dentist is not able to cope with the need and the cost of treating the many destitute children and youth of our community. None of them had seen a dentist before. She is trying to enlist other volunteer dentists to help with cleaning, filling, extraction, surgery, root canal treatment, crowns and dentures, totally free of charge.

  • Any dentists reading this who would like to help?
  • Anyone who’d like to help by contributing to the material costs of this project?

Please contact us if you would choose this manner of “loving these little ones.” Children believe in miracles and with our God around, why should it be otherwise?

Medical Missions

Twice each year, on the average, we host a Medical Mission in our community (occasionally in the provinces as well) in partnership with different churches and sometimes, the Civil-Military-Operations (CMO) of the Philippine Army.

  • Are you an organization, a pharmaceutical company, a doctor or a nurse who would like to donate your time or your company product to this cause? Please contact us.