A DaycareOur Daycare teaches some 30 toddlers to read and write while their parents are working. You can put one more child in our loving teachers’ care for just Php 5,400/year, or about US$ 127. Yes, per year. Both of our full time teachers have degrees in Early Childhood Education. They work as volunteers and raise their own funds for the joy of serving the poor. Help a child start life right by clicking here.



In 1994, a parent organization rented a small building near the mosque to provide a daycare program providing basic education to the community’s indigent children. The first batch of pupils in 1994, was about 50.

By bringing quality education to their community at very low cost, more Muslim parents are becoming conscious of the value, and need, for their children’s early education. Our very small fees make the program only partially sustainable, and hardly enough to support the 2 volunteer teachers from the Team and the volunteer assistants from the community. The teachers raise their monthly support from friends who believe in their mission to bring education to the poor. Most pupils from this community who go to public school, come from this program, and excel in grade school.

Any support for our teachers would be most welcome. You may want to sponsor a few children get them off the streets and loving school very early on in their lives.

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