Capital Loan Assistance

Capital Loan Assistance, Livelihood

Capital Loan Assistance provides 6-month, interest-free loans of Php 5,000-10,000 (or US$ 120-240) to income generating projects of 80 micro-entrepreneurs. This has been possible through the generous support of Grameen Foundation Australia.

In addition, our staff teach crafts for Livelihood. You wouldn’t believe what these ladies can come up with: Everything from recycling empty coffee sachets to soap making, not to mention the positive impact on the environment.

Livelihood and Microlending


Since February 2010, partnership with Grameen Foundation Australia provides funds for non-interest bearing loans granted to members as an initial trial of a simple community-owned and managed micro-finance project. The credit mechanics are patterned on Grameen’s Foundation Rotating Credit Cycle model with a loan amount of P5,000, for income generating projects. This loan is large enough to allow for a gainful way for income-generation, and not use smaller amounts for a consumption need. It is repayable in a very small and affordable amount of P200 weekly for 25 weeks (6 months). In its second cycle, the loan was increased to P7,500 to reward the borrower’s faithfulness and performance. This could later go up to as much as P15,000 in later loan cycles. This is now on its 3rd cycle. Testimonies about lives changed are many.

Soap Making

In March of 2014, a new and promising partnership with Barangay Cherry Mobile, brought about a livelihood training on Basic Entrepreneurship and Soap Making for 30 unemployed or underemployed mothers and young adult women to provide alternative source of income for their families. They learned where and how to get cheaper chemicals to make dishwashing liquid and fabric conditioners, including product packaging, and were trained with basic entrepreneurship skills on how to market their finished products.

Recycled Wallets and Bags

Tents of Mercy also has a livelihood program for making wallets and bags from juice wrappers for young and old in the community.